A Farewell From Dimitri, Ladora Bank Bistro Founder

From:     Dimitri Makedonsky, Commander

                Old Legion Brewing Company

                Ladora, Iowa 52251


  To:          Friends of the Ladora Bank Bistro

 And a Fine Day to ALL!

 As  some of you know, and most of you do not, I will be leaving the Ladora Bank Bistro effective May 19th.  The Bistro, now entering its 6th year, will continue to provide incredible food and an eclectic array of wine and beer from around the world.  Jim Vido, chef extraordinaire, will be taking over the operation along with his lovely wife Holly.  Jim’s vision for the Bistro will continue to evolve as he takes the Bistro to the “next level”.  I’m so grateful for his vision, enthusiasm and integrity.

 I will be jumping “feet first” into another venture –“Old Legion Brewing Company”.  Old Legion Brewing was inspired by the American Legion Building I own in Ladora.  Over the past several years, I began developing an idea for a beer company that had a bigger purpose.  Old Legion Brewing offers just that!  It’s a military themed beer company with a bigger mission: 

To provide a quality, military themed craft beer at a fair price, engage the beer drinking community to build awareness of veteran issues, employ veterans, and raise money for local veteran causes.

 My beer will be brewed in partnership by one of the oldest breweries in the U.S., Minhas Brewing Co., Monroe, WI.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Old Legion Beers will be going to “Paws and Effect TM”, an Iowa Based non-profit that provides service dogs to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

 I will be putting all of my resources and efforts into this unique venture, and will be traveling the state to promote my brand and awareness of veteran’s issues.  Oh yeah, the beer is fantastic!! 

 You may see me now and then, but this time, I’ll be on the barstool next to you.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to all of the people of this community who have supported the Ladora Bank Bistro over the years.  These past few years have whizzed by and I look forward to the years ahead serving you, uh . . . my beer!  Please wish Jim and Holly Vido all the best as they leap into the wacky world of running their own bistro! 

 I’ll see ya ‘round.

 Dimitri, Commander

Old Legion Brewing Co.

Ladora, Iowa.  

Lador Bank Bistro

Ladora Bank Bistro, 811 Pacific St. , Ladora, IA 52251, USA